Here Are 5 Reasons Why Science Fiction Is The Perfect Escapism

Science fiction is the perfect outlet for escapism. No matter what your struggle, hardship, or burden, you’ll find that a good sci-fi story will, at least temporarily, provide you with some relief.

Here are 5 reasons why science fiction is the perfect escapism.


1. It’s far-fetched, but based on scientific principles

Ask yourself: What makes for any good entertainment? Quality fiction is the product of someone’s imagination. Yet, it has to contain at least some element of reality for us to relate to it.

Science fiction, by definition, contains reality. It’s based on science.

Sure, it often extrapolates current scientific thought to a farther level. For example, we can’t travel through space at the speed of light yet, as is done on famous sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek. However, we can travel in space. The idea of light speed travel is a plausible extraction from our current understanding of physics.



2. It often makes us think that we’re not alone

Wouldn’t it be cool if there really were other intelligent species living on different planets? Often times, science fiction presents us with stories that feature visitors from other worlds. Such stories lead us to ask ourselves: “Who else is out there?”

Okay, sometimes the otherworldly types aren’t always friendly. In fact, sometimes they want to kill us all and take over our planet (thanks, H.G. Wells). However: 1) That is not always the case and 2) That makes the story more fun, doesn’t it?



3. Science fiction asks “what if?”

Science fiction gets you thinking. I’m convinced that it’s an excellent way to prevent us from contracting Alzheimer’s because it keeps our brains exercised. I have no citation to back that up, by the way. I just feel it.

Good science fiction not only entertains us, but it inspires us to exercise our own imaginations. It’s an incentive for additional thought. That’s always a good thing.



4. Spaceships

Science fiction often features spaceships. Hey, how can you not like spaceships?

Not only that, but many good science fiction stories feature spaceships in battle. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a good phaser battle between two competing spacecraft in the outer reaches of a galaxy.



5. Science fiction has become part of mainstream pop culture

I’m old enough to remember when it was primarily only geeks who were into sci-fi, especially at older ages.

However, that changed. Star Trek certainly worked its way into the mainstream of pop culture, even after being cancelled in the late 1960’s. Heck, Star Wars went totally mainstream in 1977 as soon as it was released. And, even now, Doctor Who is popular among people who would not normally describe themselves as geeks.

There is a reason that sci-fi is so popular. It’s because it’s awesome escapism.





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