10 Reasons Why Ellie In ‘The Last Of Us’ Is Nothing Like Ellen Page

Ellen Page has complained that Naughty Dog ripped off her image for the character Ellie in the hit video game The Last Of Us.

At face value (no pun intended), you could argue that she has a point.


Except for the scar on the eyebrow, the eye color, the shade of lipstick, and the hair styling in the above picture, the facial similarities are remarkable. I don’t think that this was by design on Naughty Dog’s part, in spite of the fact that the video game character is named Ellie. For the record, I doubt that Ellen Page ever goes by the nickname “Ellie”.

Here are several other reasons why Ellie in The Last Of Us is nothing like Ellen Page.

Warning: minor NSFW stuff follows.

1. Different birth dates

Ellen Page was born in 1987. Ellie will be born in 2019.



2. Age differences

As of this writing, Ellie is -6 years old. She is too young to do this.



3. Nobody will ever cosplay Ellen Page



4. Ellie was redesigned

Ellie was actually redesigned to look more like Ashley Johnson (the character’s voice actor). As you can see, Ashley Johnson looks nothing like Ellen Page.



5. Ellen Page smiles sometimes



6. Ellen Page is Canadian

Ellie is too cool to be Canadian



7. Ellie has no last name

As far as I know, Ellie has no last name. Ellen Page actually has two last names: Philpotts-Page.



8. Completely different personas

Ellie would swallow a live rattlesnake head first before she would pose like this.



9. Ellen Page can juggle

I don’t believe that Ellie can juggle.



10. Different value sets

Ellen Page got pregnant from some dork in Juno. Ellie would cut the dork’s penis off and feed it to a clicker before she’d let him get her pregnant.



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  • Rinzwind

    About nr 5 and 8… Did you play the addon left behind? 😉 no valid points.. yes ellie is ellen. Even how she behaves in the game is similar to how ellen plays in her movies. Enthusiastic, seeing the bright side, miss know it all, independent..